Revolution Funding is continually updating this page as Candidates are processed!

Revolution Funding Candidates are Progressive Candidates that have stepped up to the call to build a better tomorrow and take money out of politics.  Each Candidate can be reached directly via their website or Facebook Page listed here.  Continued donations from Progressive voters like yourselves are key to supporting the Political Revolution.  We made history with the individual donations to Bernie Campaign. Now let’s make history in supporting our Progressive Candidates!  Please donate, like, and give them a share!



Jestin Samson – Democratic Candidate for State Senate CD-34


Gabriel McArthur – Democratic Candidate for Secretary of State


Tom Wells – Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress CD-03
Tom needs 2400 Florida resident signatures to get on the ballot. Please click the link to print, sign, and mail to him!



Trent Nesmith – Democratic Candidate Congress CD-12
Send Bold Progress for All to DC in 2018! Get on #TeamTrent and #Retakethe12th


Angelica Earl – Democratic Candidate for US Senate
“Only together we can!”



Jenny Marshall – Democratic Candidate for U.S. House of Representative NC-05


Danielle Pellett – Democratic Candidate for US House TX-32
New Deal Democrat, LGBTQIA Activist, Environmentalist, Chemist, and 2016 National Delegate for Bernie Sanders


Danny Drew – Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate
Utah Teacher ready to fight for Utahs Children, increase wages, and pass a constitutional amendment for term limits! 


Revolution Funding does NOT accept donations for candidates. Every Candidate is linked to their own donating sites and subject to the reporting requirements according to their state. Revolution Funding does not offer services for Campaign Finance Reporting.