How We Became Revolution Funding!

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Prior to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Katie Tillman created Delegates and Friends of Delegates for Bernie Sanders 2016. This group and organization was built solely upon fund raising for Delegates for Bernie and the cost included for the Delegates to be there. Our efforts and grassroots building led into

Overall the grassroots efforts raised $1.8 million for Delegates!

We have built upon our experience and created an organization called Revolution Funding. Just as Bernie built his campaign by single donations averaging $27, we work to fund raise for all the candidates he has encouraged to run.

We aren’t looking for corporate donations. So many are new to the process and stepping up without any backing and support. We want to be that support all the way down to local positions such as School Board, City Council, etc.

No matter how large or small your fund raising needs are our organization is affordable and will work for your funding goal. Every campaign has a once a month membership fee of $100 for the Basic Plan and $175 for our Advanced Plan. We market via social media in all of the highest member and interactive groups that discuss the Political Revolution. Each campaign has the option to customize their social media needs to their state groups.

Revolution Funding will revolutionize the donating ways of all future candidates and offer the support needed to accomplish what Bernie taught us. Get involved! Run for Office! Don’t be afraid because we have your back! We are the 99%!


Our Team!

Katie Tillman – Guild,TN
Owner Revolution Funding, Creator of Delegates and Friends of Delegates for Bernie Sanders 2016, President of Marion County Democratic Women’s Club, Chair of Marion County Democratic Party, Mother of two boys

Katie began Delegates and Friends after a local friend became a National Delegate and she learned of how much the costs were. Katie sought out and marketed collecting delegate’s in need of funding all across the nation. Katie is a local activist and has continued full time involvement in the Revolution since Bernie’s announcement of Presidential Candidate for 2016.

Kristen Cosgrove – Malvern,PA
BS, Business Administration
Kristen became a political activist upon hearing Bernie Sanders running for office in the 2016 election and immediately immersed herself in campaigning and volunteering heavily thru social media after realizing that more people could be reached through this medium than any other. She became an admin for many of the largest Bernie FB pages and continues utilizing her social media skills, connections and marketing abilities to progressive groups that emerged after the election. Kristen had also volunteered to work with the Delegates and Friends for Bernie Sanders 2016 FB group and took weekly shifts circulating and rotating delegate funding pages to established Bernie / progressive groups up until the Convention in July, 2016 where the group as a whole raised close to $2 million in funding for the delegates. She additionally canvassed, phone banked, hosted Bernie events, and housed out of state college students and activists who came to PA as far away as Australia. Kristen is a single mother to 2 children and a notary public in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Angelene Helton-Heid -Cape Girardeau,MO
Angelene is an author and avid Bernie Sanders supporter. After maxing out on personal contributions to Bernie, she started funding delegates to make sure they all reached Philly. She joined the team at Delegates and Friends of Delegates in early 2016, to help circulate delegate funding posts throughout the Bernie groups on FB. She was eventually moved to the Emergency funding team for the delegates, concentrating on those most in jeopardy of dropping out due to lack of funds, or for those who had some crisis that put their trips at risk. Angelene is a mother of 6, four of which are millennials, which is what drives her political activism and support for Bernie Sanders


Brandi Miller – Hanahan,SC
AS, Business Administration
Brandi was an active volunteer for Bernie Sanders during his campaign and attended her state Democratic convention as a delegate. She helped raise over $1,000 for WV Bernie delegates attending the Democratic National Convention through a personal Facebook campaign. During the General Election, Brandi was an executive assistant and district co campaign coordinator for Charlotte Pritt, a gubernatorial candidate. Brandi also played a vital marketing role in that campaign and helped the candidate to secure a spot on the Green Party’s Featured Candidates/ Funding list. Brandi is a recent college graduate, a member of her local Women’s Democratic group, a political activist, and a volunteer within her community.

Gina Frank – Lincoln,NE
Gina has recently been helping support local grassroots activists inside and outside the party. What started as a Bernie Delegate group, has morphed into a group for helping people get involved in politics. She’s a teacher at heart (and by education), but is currently staying home with her kiddo because it’s not financially logical to pay for daycare and take home nothing. She blames Bernie for getting her involved in politics. Gina has always despised typical politics and backstabbing and is excited to see new people in the political arena that aren’t chosen by the oligarchy.