Progressive candidates should not be looking for corporate donations.  We are seeing a shift in the political landscape.  The time of lobbyists and corporate interests controlling our government and elections is slowly changing.  It won’t happen overnight, but if we take one election at a time and support candidates that will work for us, transforming politics is possible.  So many are new to the process, yet many stepped up to run without backing or support to offer the voters another choice.  We want to be that support, filling seats all the way down to local positions such as Mayor, School Board, and City Council.  

In the wave of this discontent, change is happening and new organizations have risen in support.  Unfortunately, we’ve found that many of these organizations skip over qualified candidates, endorsing only a select few.  We are here to offer progressive candidates another option.  We believe in what Bernie said in 2016 – Run for office!  As many candidates proved in early November 2017– with the right platform and hard work, any passionate candidate can get elected.  Other organizations determine candidates based on chance of success, or tell candidates they shouldn’t be running.  We are different.  If you run the right platform and have a history of supporting those issues, we want to list you on our site. Everyone has the right to run for office!

Revolution Funding is not a PAC.  We do not take your donations and disperse them through all the candidates we list.  We are here to offer each candidate’s direct links so you can choose who to support and where to contribute.  The Revolution only continues if people get involved and support candidates willing to work for us.  If you don’t donate…how will these candidates purchase the tools they need to spread the word and get out the vote?  #DonateNShare  #RevFund

If you are a Candidate and would like to be listed on the site or if you are seeking the following services for campaign support – Please click here.

Progressives working for progressives and supporting the Political Revolution together!

  • Campaign Management Support
    • Strategy, Messaging, Hiring, Media Outreach, Fundraising and more!
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics
  • Building and Connecting Volunteers
  • Volunteer Training
  • Website Building or Maintenance
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