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Membership Includes:

  • Includes shares daily in Progressive Groups. (Revolution Funding follows the largest most active groups to ensure the shares are being effective. The groups used may vary upon the response rate for the funding posts.)
  • Each share will be followed to address comments or donors
  • Candidates can be tagged if they would like to follow their own shares
  • The shares will be commented on/bumped to the top of the group once daily
  • Campaigns are shared in national groups, local groups, Party Affiliation Pages, and Local Activist Pages if they so choose. 
  • One tweet daily to Progressive supporters and donors. Campaigns are encouraged to send us local twitter accounts as they collect them for tweeting and building locally. 
  • Full access to posting in the Revolution Funding group. Each post can have any topic heading chosen by the campaign but MUST include their fund raising link. Facebook live shares also encouraged.
  • All Candidate info to be listed on the website. Availability to update info at the Campaign’s request.
  • Weekly share on the Revolution Funding Facebook Page.
  • Recommend weekly emails to Revolution Funding referencing issues, topics, or events the candidates would like to focus on in the shares.
  • Each campaign required to send a bi-weekly report of the donations they have received. In the event that funding is falling short compared to their expense for Revolution Funding, we will add extra shares the following week to boost your donations.
  • Use of the #RevFund when you share is requested so that each campaign is showing support and growing popularity for our fund raising site and all other candidates as well.



Membership Includes:

  • Double the shares of the $100 membership!
  • Everything included in the Basic Plan will be doubled.
  • Same requirements of the Campaign as in the Basic Plan.